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The Hallmark Group - World Specialists in Historic Commemorative Stamp Issues in Precious Metals. For over 25 years the Hallmark group has collaborated with government to celebrate important national events. Historic postage stamps are re-created as a series of exquisitely engraved ingots, flawlessly minted in solid silver and plated in pure gold.

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Divine India Collection

- introduced by Swani Sukhabodhananda, Spiritual Guru
and renowned author

Specially created in honour of India’s revered deities, the Divine India Collection
features 15 of the most important Hindu Gods and Goddesses. It pays a unique tribute to the pantheon of sacred deities that have helped people through their lives and acted as a beacon to the world for tolerance, respect and love for humanity. This collection is available in a special 15-piece Limited Edition, or by individual selection – please check the online websites Premium Divine India
and Classic Divine India.



The Legacy of Brazil – 

– homage to the achievements of the greatest nation in Latin America

Brazil is a land of huge vistas and remarkable people, and the nation’s vibrant postage stamps have captured the essence of the country like nothing else.
The Legacy of Brazil collection, an official Stamp Ingot collection issued under the authority of Correios, celebrates the nation’s unique culture and achievements in a unique manner. Released in March 2010, it is a valuable to the international pantheon of Stamp Ingot Collections.                                                 



Pride of India Collection

– introduced by former President Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam

Celebrating the 'Priceless Heritage of the Nation,' the Pride of India Collection issued under the Authority of India Post the Collection consists of 25 classic gold-plated silver stamp ingots, starting with the Declaration of Independence on 15th August 1947. The whole richness and vitality of Indian culture, the famous statesmen and key events during its rise to world class status, will be represented.  



The Brilliance of China Collection

- Officially authorised by the China National Philatelic Corporation

Released in September 2009 to commemorate the 60th Anniversary of the Founding of the P.R.C. on 1st October 1949, this is the very first Stamp Ingot programme ever created for China, and the 25 historic stamps, re-created as solid silver ingots, tell the story of China's history, culture and momentous rise as a world economic power.
The Brilliance of China is a unique collection that has never been undertaken before.