Hallmark Stamp Issues

The Hallmark Group - World Specialists in Historic Commemorative Stamp Issues in Precious Metals. For over 25 years the Hallmark group has collaborated with government to celebrate important national events. Historic postage stamps are re-created as a series of exquisitely engraved ingots, flawlessly minted in solid silver and plated in pure gold.


The Perfect Combination of Precious Metals and Precision Craftmanship

We are delighted at Hallmark to give everyone the opportunity of seeing for the first time an insight of our Craftsmanship at work in this new video presentation.


Get to see the journey from the Sculptor, the Engraver and the Minter. Each one a dedicated craftsman who does everything the traditional way. 


Click play and we hope you enjoy. 

(Duration: 2 minutes ) 




craftmanshitp hallmark

Reproducing the intricate designs of historic images as engraved precious metal ingots is a test of artistry and patience, discipline and skill. 

This goes for the Sculptor, the Engraver and the Minter. Each one a dedicated craftsman who does everything the traditional way.

The image here has been enlarged and the design painstakingly sculpted by hand on a brass or plaster template.




craft1.jpgThe template is then placed on a three-dimensional reduction pantograph. It takes many days to faithfully follow every detail and engrave a steel master die to the exact size of the original stamp. A craftsman then removes any microscopic flaws in the intaglio die by hand.





craft3.jpgA solid silver blank ingot is then struck by a 360 tonne proofing press, the perforations diamond cut, and plated with 999.9 gold for a flawless finish.

The minted result is a perfect proof ingot, revealing its image in delicately frosted relief against a highly polished background. A proof, which like the occasion it commemorates, will stand the test of time.