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The Hallmark Group - World Specialists in Historic Commemorative Stamp Issues in Precious Metals. For over 25 years the Hallmark group has collaborated with government to celebrate important national events. Historic postage stamps are re-created as a series of exquisitely engraved ingots, flawlessly minted in solid silver and plated in pure gold.

Message from Mr. Liu Yan Ming – President of CNP
“New China’s Diamond Jubilee”

60th birthdays are always important, and none more so than that of the founding of the People’s Republic of China on 1st October 1949.  It is a time for great national celebration, a moment for all generations to reflect on the hard work and shining successes of the past 60 years.  

To commemorate this momentous occasion CNPC has specially authorised the international company Hallmark Group Ltd to create a unique collection of 25 famous and important stamps sculpted and engraved in precious metal, titled “The Brilliance of China Collection”.  Each image has been carefully selected from the archives of China Post to tell the story of the history, culture and achievements of China through the millennia, and to emphasise the place of New China at the forefront of nations.  It is a valuable and original way to preserve memories of this unprecedented event for future generations

As you browse through the brochure you will sense the mystery of ancient legends in the Dunhuang Murals, marvel at the magnificent achievements in science and technology, draw strength from the Great Wall and the Pines of Huangshan, and exalt in the triumph of the Olympic Games.  

The Brilliance of China Collection reflects all the strength, energy and wisdom of our nation, and the great beauty and harmony of its landscape.  It is issued in homage to Chinese people everywhere, and will I trust give great pleasure and satisfaction to collectors and their descendants for many generations to come.”

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